Monday, 6 February 2012

Passion Pit - I've got your number

As usual I should be contributing my little bit to better the world but I think I should be allowed to not give a shiny from time to time (to a lot of time). My immediate desire is to wallow in my post self-indulgence guilt somewhere that is out there but not cared about (hello there, internet!) but I can't tolerate being pathetic. Instead I will write vignettes about the memories that certain songs bring back. Here's to five minutes ago.

My sardine-can room faced south into the other halls of residences, so it was cool and dark most of the time; despite this the window still permitted a lightly fragrant spring breeze to drift lethargically into my room. The days of pure azure sky and young jade foliage, contrasted by pale flowers not unlike my new favourite dress... translated onto a piece of paper my first spring days away from home were a beautiful heady scene, but nonetheless I saw unsettling greys. I preferred to stay indoors.

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