Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Self-raising wholemeal flour

It is Wednesday, I am just under 9 5/6 days away from unemployment of the good kind and have decided shirred tops are stupid. Spilling a few rambles over the internet makes a welcome departure from the usual use I put the mentioned to; today my neglected "art"blog has rendered Facebook and Twitter-I-never-knew redundant for the purpose of being able to admire a beautifully solid paragraph of text for my efforts.

Does a full stop cut it for a blog title? Aesthetically, it's small, neat and perfectly symmetrical (screw you palindromes). While giving off the mild diffidence I prefer there's a hint at the 3am internet-fueled semi-consciousness that I'm still struggling a little to rid, or maybe a lack of imagination. A little less of that would make me a happy happy girl.

Still deciding on whether I'm having a good summer or not. Notably le September seems horrendously slow in approach.

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